What is Math Workshop?

Our online classroom video platform includes hours of teachers engaging students in the rich, inquiry-based investigations that are found in all of our CFLM units.

Below are some samples of video that can be found in our powerful classroom video library on our Personalized Professional Support System - the (P2S2 platform).

Our P2S2 online platform not only provides hours of classroom video for all of our units, but also includes commentary from Cathy Fosnot on topics like math workshop, questioning and conferring, the landscapes of learning and more. A sample clip of Cathy discussing math workshop is below.


Gallery walk in a 4th grade classroom that occurs after the investigation, but before the congress in our new unit Puzzle-Packing Companies


Math congress (whole-class discussion) after a rich investigation with 2nd graders on even and odd numbers from our unit Beads, Shoes and Making Two's


Number String from our new 2nd grade measurement unit, Tanisha and Tamika's Toolbox.