Development of Geometry Across Grades K-5, October 26-27, 2022

New two-day workshop on focused on the Landscapes of Learning for geometry!

New London geometry workshop Cathy Fosnot


Geometry K-6: New Landscapes and Units

Instructor: Cathy Fosnot

Dates: October 26th-27th, 8:30-3:30

Where: New Perspectives on Learning Workshop Center

               165 State St, Atrium 101

               New London, CT

This 2-day workshop aligns with the CCSS and spans the development of geometry k-5. It includes the early development of the coordination of children's two foundational geometries—navigation and mapping and the recognition, analysis and categorization of shapes (k-1);  the progression from 2-D polygons to 3-D prisms, area, and perimeter (2-3); and the relationships between surface area and volume, the development of angle measurement, symmetry, tessellations, and the Cartesian Coordinate System (4-6).

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