Join us December 1st and 2nd at the NCTM Regional Conference in Baltimore!

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Proof is more than just explaining what one did. It requires the crafting of a logical argument to justify a generalization. It is developmental. It has a landscape of learning comprising big ideas and strategies, just as other topics in mathematics do. Video clips from across the grades will be analyzed as we examine and develop the landscape.


What stands as a viable argument in mathematics and how can we develop students' ability to write one in the K–8 years? This workshop is highly interactive and is designed using a hybrid model, allowing participants to engage with the materials and the presenters both during and after the conference. Please bring laptops and earbuds.


Using trajectories of teacher change on topics such as questioning, kid-watching, and use of representation, we will explore how coaches can provide differentiated teacher support. Using these trajectories while analyzing classroom video, coaches will have tools to support all of their teachers from where they are and provide appropriate challenges.