Come learn with us at the Annual NCSM Conference in Washington, DC this fall!

New Perspectives on Learning staff will have 3 exciting presentations at NCSM in Washington DC this fall!

Catherine Fosnot NCSM 2023

Sequences of contextually relevant low-floor/high-ceiling tasks on the topic of data representation and analysis were researched in 4 multi-diverse settings. Student work samples and video will be used to develop and examine a learning trajectory for the data strand. Ways to ensure empowerment, equity, and access and the role of identity will all be highlighted.


Emily Stewart Colleen Ryan NCSM 2023

A new math coach shares her successes and challenges in transforming first grade classrooms into child-centered math workshops filled with inquiry and joy. One involved teacher describes how her beliefs about mathematics and learning changed in the process.

NCSM 2023 Catherine Fosnot and Associates Presentations

Join us as we share one school’s story of a transformation from a place where mathematics was valued but seen as primarily getting answers and performing algorithms, to a community where children are empowered to be mathematicians and owners of their own learning. The principal, assistant principal, and consultant share how each of them contributed to the ongoing evolution of the teachers and their students.