CFLM online unit study cycle

Online Unit Study Cycle for P2S2 Subscribers

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Participate in a deep online study of a CFLM unit with small teams of other amazing CFLM users from various parts of the country.

During this 3-week period, you will be teaching the unit with your students while one of our expert staff will lead the group in a 3-week study of a CFLM unit.

Session 1 (2 hours, synchronous, online) - Overview of the Unit and Introduction to the Landscape

Session 2 (2 hours, synchronous, online) - Questioning and conferring during the investigations and facilitating math congresses

Session 3 (2 hours, synchronous, online) - Facilitating strings of related problems and next steps


After you pay for the course, you will receive the Zoom link to participate in this session.

** All participants will need to have their own copy of the unit in which they are doing the study. If you need to purchase the unit for this study, please visit our Curriculum page to do so.**